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CIP and SIP plants

CIP plants are used for the automated internal cleaning (CIP - cleaning in place) and sterilisation (SIP - sterilisation in place) of those surfaces of production plants that are in contact with products.
The plants do not need to be opened or reconstructed for cleaning or sterilisation. CIP and SIP plants can be used flexibly for the processing plants' various cleaning and hygiene requirements. A suitable design of the following four primary factors is to be considered:

  1. type and concentration
  2. temperature
  3. residence time
  4. flow rate

The use of modern plants for CIP and SIP enables efficient cleaning results with the least usage of cleaners and energy as well as the least waste water and time required.

MHG offers you:

  • consulting and planning in CIP/SIP plants for pipes, tanks and vessels, valve manifolds, heat exchangers and much more
  • planning of function and process studies
  • Freely parameterisable cleaning programmes by monitoring the values temperature, conductivity, turbidity, flow rate and time as well as selection of the combination of cleaning mediums (rinsing water / lye 1 / lye 2 / acid / fresh water / disinfection / sterilisation)
  • minimisation of water consumption via stopper rinses
  • logging and documentation of the separate cleanings
  • design of central and distributed plants with satellites
  • multi-level stacking tanks for CIP media, for space-saving arrangement
  • experience in realising new plants for CIP and SIP, with up to ten independent cleaning systems
  • experience gained from expanding existing systems during operation
  • equipment for storing concentrated lye and acids - we are a specialist firm as per §19 1, WHG (German Water Resource Act)
Multi-level external tank
Multi-level external tank

Cleaning satellite
Cleaning satellite

Manifold for run-off
Manifold for run-off

Valve manifold for CIP reflux
Valve manifold for CIP reflux

Pig transmissio station

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